Around The House: Residential Real Estate

There has been a lot of turmoil and change in the local residential and commercial real estate markets in 2018.  Interest rate increases, material cost increases and labor shortages has put buyers and builders of real estate properties on the defensive.  At times the market has been a buyers’ market while in some areas it has evolved into a sellers’ market. Micki Morrision, the Director of Business Development for ReMax Premier Realty will be our guest in this segment and we are going to discuss the ins and outs of the residential real estate market. There are a lot of moving parts that you really need to be aware of to make good decisions in buying and selling residential real estate.

18-11-19 MickiMorrison

Around The House: RoMac Design Center

In this segment, Tom Kirby, manager of RoMac Design Center is going to join us to discuss how to make sure your remodeling  job, addition, or new build gets designed right, the first time. You can't bring plans down from up north and expect that they will meet Florida's strict Hurricane Building Codes. And, you don't need a mud room in Florida either. So if you're wanting to build, stop by the RoMac Leesburg office and have a friendly little sit-down with Tom. The consultation is free, it will save you money, and you'll be glad you did. 

18-11-12 TomKirby

Around The House: The Roof Truss

In this segment, Harry Muir, manager of RoMac Truss is going to join us to discuss how to make sure your remodeling  job, addition, or new build gets the right trusses for the job, how to make the new trusses fit into your existing roof structure, and select the right products to make your roof tops look great. 

18-11-12 HarryMuir

Around The House: Prep Your Lawn For Winter

In this segment, Chuck Hackenberger of Turfmasters Pest Control is going to join us to discuss how to get your lawn ready for winter. We are going to talk about how the winter can affect your lawn as well as way to control the damage. Chuck Hackenberger of Turfmasters Pest Control is an expert in lawn maintenance and we need some of his advice before it gets too cold. 

18-11-05 ChuckHackenberger

Around The House: Building A Sustainable Green Yard

My first guest is Teresa Watkins from the “In Your Backyard Show” aired every Tuesday at 1:00 pm on Real Country Radio WLBE. Teresa Watkins is an expert on Florida plants and she has helped thousands of Floridians have a prettier yard by picking out the right Florida-friendly plants and designing a sustainable green yard. Teresa Watkins can help us with tips on how to protect your vegetation before freezes as well as tips during those cold nights. 

18-11-05 TeresaWatkins

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