Around The House: Tom Carpenter - Hurricane Season 2018

On this segment of AROUND THE HOUSE we are very pleased to have as our special guest, Mr. Tommy Carpenter who is the Emergency Management Division Manager for Lake County and we are going to discuss hurricane preparedness. Tommy has extensive knowledge and local information on how to prepare for a hurricane and other disasters, and today we believe it is a good time to discuss emergency preparedness.

Around The House: TurfMasters Pest Control

On this segment of AROUND THE HOUSE we are talking with Chuck Hackenberger of Turfmasters Pest Control. Chuck is going to discuss how to get your lawn in shape for the spring.  We are going to discuss how the winter effected your lawn as well as way to reverse the damage.  Chuck Hackenberger of Turfmasters Pest Control is an expert in lawn maintenance and we need some of his advice after this winter.

Around The House: LassiterWare Insurance

On this segment of AROUND THE HOUSE we are talking with John Bruneau and Doug Childers of LassiterWare Insurance. Today we've brought in the experts to discuss insurance from several levels. First, the insurance you should have on your property plus the insurance that contractors and subcontractors should maintain to protect both themselves and you while they work on your property. It's going to be a very informative show, so tune in.

AROUND THE HOUSE: Teresa Watkins of S.H.E.

Today on AROUND THE HOUSE we are talking with Teresa Watkins from the “In Your Backyard Show” aired every Tuesday at 1 pm on Real Country Radio WLBE. Teresa Watkins is an expert on Florida plants and she has helped thousands of Floridians have a prettier yard by picking out the right Florida-friendly plants and designing a sustainable green yard. She is going to be with us to discuss what we can do with our damage plants, shrubs and vegetation in the yard.